Week in Review: Mold Closes School, Demolition of Hotel Ordered

A weekly recap of the past week's news.

This week we saw Ocean City High School closed for mold removal and reported on a petition for beach replenishment on the south end of the island.

Here are some highlights from the past week's news:

On Monday, we posted a and examined the .

On Tuesday, we reported that the state will use wire to protect gulls on the Route 52 Causeway, and heard from one of New Jersey's most prominent Democratic politicians at the Democratic National Convention.

On Wednesday, we reported that Fire Chief Chris Breunig was at a Fairness in Taxes meeting on Friday, saw south end property owners petition for , reported that Ocean City could see some big surf as a and saw Ocean City's Master Plan .

On Thursday, we reported that the city has of the Bellevue Hotel.

On Friday, we asked who you think , reported that Ocean City High School was closed on Friday for and reported that the city's ethics board against the Ocean City Beach Patrol's chief.

On Saturday, we of the Tabernacle Baptist Church and reported that surgeon, Philadelphia Eagle and long-time Ocean City resident Dr. .


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