Week in Review: City's Oldest Employee Dispenses Wisdom, Council Meets

A weekly recap of the past week's news.

This week we remembered Hurricane Irene, saw a concert canceled and discussed city contracts.

Here are some highlights from the past week's news:

On Monday, we announced that the Ocean City Junior Raiders football program is , posted a , saw businesses report a , reported that Ocean City football will compete in a and saw the .

On Tuesday, we , reported on , saw a jury award $2.55 million to the , posted a gallery of and announced that a Mitch Ryder concert at the .

On Wednesday, we took a look at a possible , met the and listed five things to know about .

On Thursday, we reported that the as a regional rival, discussed with the , previewed the and heard an with City Council.

On Friday, we announced , reported that City Council approved , heard and reported that .

On Saturday, we , one year later, heard from a and reported that Mayor Jay Gillian regarding parking outside of Ocean City Intermediate School.


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