Ocean City Schools to Close Wednesday Due to Snow

A coastal storm leaves snow across region.

The Ocean City School District announced Wednesday morning that all schools will be closed today (Wednesday, Jan. 29) due to the weather.

A coastal storm hit on Tuesday night and left 3 to 8 inches of a fluffy snow across the region — with the greatest accumulations across a swath of the Pinelands.

Bitter cold weather is expected to continue.
Bob January 29, 2014 at 08:46 AM
You do know West Ave is a county road south of 34th St, right? There are also 'no parking if the road is snow covered signs' all over West Ave. They've been up for practically forever now. As for the rest, that's what happens when you don't replace workers and equipment by catering to the FIT types. Since most of them are retired folks, it probably doesn't matter one bit to them.
Bill Hartranft January 29, 2014 at 10:16 AM
Would someone tell me what retirement feels like? Left Corporate America in '99 and still thoroughly enjoy a working life. Shoveled this morning at 6:45. I think OC does a great job with the snow...here on the North end.
Captain Joel S. Fogel January 30, 2014 at 04:47 AM
Leave the cold.....come out to Hawaii.... The adventure never stops here ! Last night, as I am pulling in from my drive down from the volcanoes, Junior appears standing nearly naked in the headlights, blood dripping from his bushy dark brown beard with a home-made spear in his hands as he staggered from the banana trees. "Good God, Man" I shouted, running towards him. "Are you OK ?" He was shaking a bit. I grabbed his arm. "I just killed Godzilla's wife", he said with a stunned look in his eyes. " I have been hunting her for nearly 2 months. She was destroying our crops !" He was referring to a wild pig sow which had been rooting up the banana trees. She was about 100 pounds and her male counterpart was close to 450 pounds. "Godzilla attacked me when I killed her, but then ran off." I sat him down and poured him a glass of wine. His daughter, Ally, was preparing to butcher the pig and roast it for a luau the next day. I watched as the moon waned in the west and the tree frogs chanted their chorus of "Ko Kee". I was tired and climbed the tree house to go to bed. A gentle rain had begun to fall on the thatched roof and a cool breeze rustled the palm fronds. Capt. Fogel 1/20/14 Eating at Henry Louie's in Honolulu with Sandi, Paddy and the grandson, Lucas and Ben Just climbed Kilauea Volcano and Mauna Loa (13,000 ft + with ice on top). Now living in a tree house in a rain forest with Howler Monkeys. Eating bread fruit, papaya and avocado....sleeping to the sounds of tree frogs and walking to the sounds of roosters ! I made it to the Big Island of Hawaii on 1/10, arriving in the fragrant Plumeria-laden air at the Hilo airport after dinner in Honolulu with Sandi, Paddy and the grandson, Lucas and Ben. Next day, I drove down the SE coast to Josanna's Retreat (www.hawaiianretreat.com) , an organic fruit farm in the jungles a the foot of Mauna Kea. First night was eventful with nearly 3 inches of rain as an eastern frontal system stalled and hung over the SE point near Kalapana Black Sands Beach where the lightening and thunder ruled the night, exploding in a constant barrage of a celestial light show followed by deluges of water, like a waterfall from the mountain. The tree house shook and swayed in the wind. Next morning, the rain had stopped but the roosters crowed from 3 am til dawn, followed by a couple of Howler monkeys which had escaped from their cages and were running wild in the banyan and coconut trees, throwing guavas at me the next morning as I stooped to pick up a couple of eggs laid by a friendly hen....her partner calling her down from the platform. Beneath me, a wild pig by the name of Igor, who had tuned domestic, rooted for food and grunted in appreciation for the skins I had dropped from my bananas and papaya picked the day before. A small green Gecko with a red dot on it's head, crawled up to see what I was doing. I call him Geico. He has a girl friend and they come to visit in the morning. The place is very relaxed and for about $20/day, I get to eat all the organic fruit and vegetables I want with room and board as well....watch out for the winds when the tree sways. Next morning, I hiked down to the sea to Mermaid Baths, a series of tidal pools 2 miles down the road. The sea was rough following the storm with giant blue waves 6-8 ft. in height, crashing against the cliffs and filling the tidal pools with water. The next day, I went down to Queens Thermal Pond (Alanuhi Park) to swim in volcanoic heated waters near the sea. The sun came out for a few hours. This is the rainy season in Hawaii and the east coast is perpetually pelted with heavy rains and clouds from now through February. But just on the other side of the island, crossing over the volcanic slopes of Maunea Loa and Kiluea, the western side of the island is sunny and warm. I'll give you another update in a few days.....computer access is difficult. Capt. Fogel 1/14/2014


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