New Ocean City School Board Member to Serve Longer Term

Peter Madden's replacement will be named after July 16, allowing that person to serve until January of 2016.

Whoever assumes the Ocean City Board of Education seat left vacant by Peter Madden will have a long learning curve.

The Board of Education decided with a 6-2 vote Wednesday night that the next person appointed to the board will serve for 18 months.

That’s because the board has decided to name a replacement for Madden after July 16, which permits that person to serve until January of 2016.

If the replacement was named prior to that date, they would only be permitted to serve for the rest of the year, and an election would be held this November.

Madden is resigning from the board effective June 30 after being elected to Ocean City Council on May 13. He officially joins council July 1.

“The advantage to having someone serve longer is that it takes a while for a board member to learn everything, there’s a learning curve involved and if they have to run in January, that doesn’t give them much time,” Board Solicitor Michael Stanton advised. “The other side is should you let the people decide who will serve.”

This decision proved difficult for members of the board, including Jon Batastini, who struggled between what’s best for the school and what’s best for the board before finally voting yes.

“I feel strongly that we owe it to the citizens to let them vote,” said Board Member Jacqueline McAlister, who voted no along with Board Vice President Thomas Oves. “I understand the benefits of having someone be able to serve longer, but we’re not appointed. We’re elected by the people.”

Before the vote, Stanton said offering an 18-month term might encourage more people to apply for the position.

According to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Taylor, the school district will advertise for the position within the next two weeks, with interviews targeted to take place in July. The board’s goal is to have its newest member in place for the August meeting.

OCnjOC June 01, 2014 at 11:35 PM
vic does not do even basic research. His replies are often hyperbole and he makes stuff up all the time. When facts are brought to light he never answers or explains why he keeps making wrong statements. This is one reason why FIT is worthless.
vic June 02, 2014 at 12:40 AM
worthless is any comment that comes from OCnjOC. you look up one legal statement which is not pertinent and expect people to crown you king of crap. everything else you state are lies as proven by your complaints that nobody wants to follow up on your allegations. then you cry because ocean city has not sent every citizen in the united states a personal message that veterans are eligible for free beach tags. I am so pleased that you are not a resident of ocean city. we need positive thinking residents, not complainers like you. too bad for the municipality that you live in.
vic June 02, 2014 at 12:47 AM
when I write a comment on patch, I express my own views and not those of any organization. I am only representing myself.
Maggie Stern June 02, 2014 at 12:39 PM
vic………I absolutley know the answer to my question
OCnjOC June 02, 2014 at 01:02 PM
Viv, you have been caught several times making false and/or uniformed statements because you don't do even basic research. Instead of looking stuff and getting your story correct you throw a temper tantrum and you never address any of the facts. The super is paid way beyond what is reasonable for the job being performed and there is a serious conflict of interest in that both the City and School Board are represented by the same law firm. You are now saying if someone submits a complaint and nobody acts on a complaint then that "proves" the complaint was invalid. That, sir, is ridiculous and is typical of the people in FIT which is why they don't get anything done.


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