OCHS Principal Weighs In On CAL Realignment

Matthew Jamison provides readers with specific criteria that affected the decision to realign the CAL.

Ocean City High School Principal Matthew Jamison, who sat on the five-person committee that realigned the Cape Atlantic League, clarifies a .

“The committee that I served on was for football only (not baseball basketball soccer etc …)

Football schedules work on a two-year rotation with realignment every two years. Of special note, MRHS and OCHS have not played consistently since MRHS opened up in the early sixties. For example, when Ms. Abarno went to OCHS (early 1980s, late '70s), the teams did not play and the recent football game started up again in 1993.

Below is the criteria that was used for the new realignment. It is important to stress that it was objective and not arbitrary or up to the individual schools:

        The criteria used was as follows:

        1. NJSIAA power points for 2010 and 2011 for each school.

        2. The power points were added together for both years and then the teams were ranked. 1-9 in American Conference and 10-18 in National Conference.

        3. No public school plays three non-publics. Thanksgiving games stay intact, and everyone gets a full schedule.

        4. Crossover is school in same position in other conference, for competitive balance.

        (Ex. Team #1 in the American, Holy Spirit would play team #1 in the National, Lower Cape May)

        5. No team was moved arbitrarily.

In two years, the league will vote to move football to the West Jersey Football Conference. If this happens, OCHS will lose most of its CAL competitors. The recent re-alignment was done in an effort to preserve the CAL football.”



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