Hughes Center Experts Available for Public Events

Experts are available for public speaking events.

A dozen experts in topics ranging from government and politics to health care, climate change, tourism and gaming, and the aging workforce are among the speakers available through the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Speakers are available to speak at community and club events as part of the Hughes Center’s outreach to the public. Speakers can be reached through email: hughescenter@stockton.edu.

Current members of the Speakers Bureau and their areas of expertise include:

  • Dr. Michael Busler, associate professor of Business Studies: government budget process; interpreting economic data; national health insurance; relationship between economics and politics.
  • Dr. Ron Caplan, associate professor of Public Health: health care policy reform and public health issues.
  • Dr. Jamie Cromartie, associate professor of Entomology: protecting biodiversity and water in South Jersey; ecological restoration in South Jersey.
  • Daniel J. Douglas, director of the Hughes Center: campaigns and elections; politics and the political system; state and local government; communications and technology in government and politics.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Elmore, professor of Economics: rethinking aging and the use of an aging workforce.
  • Dr. Reza Ghorashi, professor of Economics: Afghanistan; the Persian Gulf; Iraq War vs. U.S. – Iran Relations; and globalization.
  • Dr. Patrick Hossay, associate professor of Sustainability: climate change; sustainable communities; planning.
  • Audrey Wolfson Latourette, J.D., Distinguished Professor of Business Law: ethical and legal implications of plagiarism; sex discrimination in the legal profession; copyright implications for higher education.
  • Dr. Lewis Leitner, dean of the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies:
    strategic thinking and leadership for an unimaginable future; leadership essentials for high performance; becoming a learning organization; making the full commitment to service quality; Is America in Decline?
  • Dr. Israel Posner, executive director, Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism: training issues and professional development (especially in the gaming industry); gaming industry employees and issues that concern them.
  • Sharon Schulman, chief executive officer, External Affairs and Institutional Research:  campaigns and elections; state and local government; communications in government and politics.
  • Linda Wharton, J.D., associate professor of Political Science:  constitutional law; civil rights; civil liberties; the U.S. Supreme Court; reproductive rights; women’s status within the law.
--Press release from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey


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