Report: Ocean City Experimenting With Trapbag Technology on 57th Street Beach

Trapbags are similar to Geotubes installed on the north-end in 2011.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Ocean City is testing a flood erosion control system on the 57th Street beach, the Ocean City Gazette reports.

The system is similar to the Geotubes installed on the north-end in 2011, according to the report.

The system is known as the Trapbag barrier system, and the city received them from Florida-based Sentinel Barriers last week, according to the report.

The Trapbag is a series of cells filled with sand, gravel or silt that are stitched together in 100-foot segments, according to the report.  Each Trapbag is six feet tall.

Geotubes are one long sleeve that collects sand.

Like the Geotubes, they provide stability for dunes by providing a hard core, according to the report.

Trapbags are easier to repair than Geotubes, and are made of recycled plastic, according to the report.


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