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Mayor Jay Gillian Provides Project Updates

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo

The following is the message from Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian concerning updates around the city, as it appears on the city's website:

Dear Friends:

I don’t have to tell any of you that have been driving around town lately that there is a great deal of road and drainage work underway.  Some updates on the more significant projects are as follows:

2nd Street Drainage Improvements – the new and enlarged outfall pipe has been installed to just past the boardwalk.  The rest of the pipe will be installed over the next few weeks with completion scheduled for May 9th.

Asbury Avenue from 39th to 42nd Street along with the cross streets – Concrete and drainage work is complete. Paving began today and will continue into next week.

West 17th Street Drainage Improvements – A small amount of concrete work remains to be finished and the paving will be restored.

Pelham Place – Concrete and drainage work is complete.  Paving will be done in next two to three weeks.

Stenton Place - Concrete and drainage work is complete.  Paving will be done in next two to three weeks.

Arkansas Avenue – Concrete work is complete.  Paving will be done in next two to three weeks.

Bayshore Drive – Small amount of concrete work remains to be finished.  Paving will follow.

1100 Block of Simpson Avenue along with 11th and 12th Streets Bay Avenue to Simpson Avenue –Concrete work being completed.  Paving will follow.

7th and 8th Streets – Will be paved by Memorial Day Weekend.

Pennlyn Place – will be paved by Memorial Day Weekend.

Merion Park Road and Drainage Improvements – Utility company work is underway in preparation for this $2.8 million project to get started shortly.  This work will continue into the summer with the City’s contractor working four ten-hour days.  This will allow all roads to be passable on the weekends.

Bay Avenue Drainage Improvements and Road Resurfacing from 6th Street to 18th Street – Drainage and concrete work from 14th Street to 18th Streets is complete. New Jersey American Water Company is also installing new sewer lines.  Milling and paving will take place in late May into June.  11th Street to 18th Street will be completed by mid-June.  At that time the project will shut down for the summer and be completed in the fall.

Projects other than roads and drainage that are underway include the following:

Sand Fence and Dune Grass Island Wide – Just completed.

15th Street Playground Improvements – The site work and drainage is done.  Contractor will begin concrete work shortly in preparation for installation of the safety surface and new equipment.

Installation of Hawk Signal on 9th Street – This grant funded project has just gotten underway.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as these much needed projects are completed.

A number of other projects are in the design phase.

Have a great weekend! 

Warm regards,

Jay A. Gillian


Curious Mermaid April 27, 2014 at 11:57 AM
Marge you are right it has only been four years, just felt like 8! I was looking at something else and mistyped. According to all news reports the location of the skate park is at the "gateway to the historic district" which is undeniably overcrowded already and of course walking distance to the mayor's business, Wonderland and does not benefit 2/3 of the island. Of all the people on here who vocally support Ed Price I can state with 100%certainty that the majority are people who do not work for any political party, are retired and in my case, don't even know Price personally. I know who most of them are. My opinions are all based exclusively on my research, attending council meetings and my observations. Vic -Wilson is president of city council and voted for the newest tax increase. He is not up for reelection and I never said he was. He is part of a voting block that in my opinion doesn't have the residents best interests in mind. From Patch- "Council ultimately passed a $69,861,684.60, up from the $69,775,684.60 introduced to council last month. The tax levy remains $44,793,202.78, up 2.57 percent from last year’s budget. The local tax rate increases by 3.7 percent. An Ocean City home assessed at $500,000 would see an annual increase of $73." The only dissenting votes were from Guinosso and Ping.
Bill Hartranft April 27, 2014 at 12:16 PM
Smart managers would see the trend of current discontent and formulate ways to address them either through educating people or changes in the way business is done.
Frank April 27, 2014 at 12:58 PM
WDH - you cant educate those who do not wish to be educated.
Bill Hartranft April 27, 2014 at 02:26 PM
As clearly evidenced by the failure of the public school systems in major cities like Phila, Chicago, Detroit..... is that what you mean?
CleanOC April 27, 2014 at 07:02 PM
Omg. The problem is retirees who don't want to give the next generation the same they had. The young need good jobs! Not minimum wage jobs changing your depends. Wonderland and all of the boardwalk support tourism and tourism is the economy. It's not about you and your retirement.


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