Mayor Jay Gillian Announces Re-election Bid

The mayor, first elected in 2010, will seek another four-year term in office.

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian will seek another four-year term in office.

The mayor filed his petition to run for re-election with the City Clerk's Office on Friday, three days before the filing deadline, he announced Friday afternoon.

Stating, “I love what I'm doing, and I love Ocean City,” Gillian said he’s proud of his accomplishments during his first term.

“I want to continue the progress we've made as we've stabilized operating expenses and significantly increased our capital improvement program,” Gillian said in the announcement. “I want to provide proven, common sense leadership to maintain Ocean City as ‘America's Greatest Family Resort, a great place to live, raise a family, invest or visit.”

Gillian was elected in 2010. He defeated Michael Hinchman that year with about 63 percent of the vote after incumbent Mayor Sal Perillo decided not to run for re-election.

He owns and operates Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. He is married to his wife Michelle and has seven children, ranging in age from 15-30 years old.

He’s proud of the way the council and the city’s administration have worked together during his term as mayor.

In February, he introduced a $72 million budget that includes a 2.89 percent increase. Workshops are currently underway and the final budget is to be approved in May.

“I look forward to discussing the future of Ocean City with our residents in the coming weeks,” Gillian said.

The deadline to file a petition for the May 13 elections is Monday, 4 p.m.

In addition to the mayor’s seat, three at-large council seats are up for grabs. Those seats currently belong to Michael Allegretto, Keith Hartzell and Scott Ping.

Former school board member Peter Madden already announced he intends to run for one of those seats.

Bill Hartranft March 08, 2014 at 07:43 PM
The Ocean City Budget and election of council members Here's an idea...instead of asking what department heads need for funding to provide service in the coming year, why not propose a 5% reduction in prior year budget allowance and ask the department heads to propose ways to meet the reduced funding. Future employment would weigh heavily on meeting that administrative goal. I would think there are rocks to overturn, sacred cows to gore, ideas fermenting in the minds of progressive leaders and if employment is challenged, I would be willing to bet our administration could rise to the occasion. Of course, future employment would also include our elected officials...if they couldn't make it work, they should resign, should be lots of non status quo and follow the leader head nodders willing to step up.... Why haven't we seen similar proposals from council? Makes me wonder. Does it make anyone else wonder? Anyone wonder why we don't see movement to make salaries more toward median levels in the state, think school, fire and police, maintenance etc....? When did anyone see a proposal to determine if we have the right number of full time employees for our functions? Why don't we have more part timers? And how about electing some "not born here" council people...Wouldn't it be nice to have someone without life long ties to those who attended high school in OC? Imagine the talent from outsiders. Hmmm...just a few random thoughts...
CleanOC March 09, 2014 at 01:52 PM
WDH. Done that been there with Perillo and they cut beyond those numbers. Remember those stupid more with less speeches? All we got was their version of what it should be, and that cost us millions in legal fees and studies. I am all for a positive debate or discussion about everything. But your negativity and attacks are rediculous. In your world we would cut our town into another town. The real question is how much do we want to change Ocean City. By the way we includes tax paying second property owners and investment owners. Don't Change Ocean City!
Fred Miller March 09, 2014 at 02:40 PM
Stop the comments from people who don't give their names. No name--don't read!


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