Mayor Honors Police Officers, Former Lifeguard for Water Rescues

The three men saved bathers who were swimming on unprotected beaches.

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Jay Gillian issued proclamations thanking two Ocean City Police Department patrolmen and one former Ocean City Beach Patrol member for assisting in ocean rescues.

The rescues occurred at Ninth Street Beach after the Ocean City Beach Patrol finished its patrols for the day.

Patrolman Thomas Strunk responded to a call with three swimmers in distress on June 16, 2012. He was able to swim a personal flotation device and rescue line to a swimmer about 75 yards offshore. The swimmer was pulled to safety.

Patrolman Joseph Thornton and former Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguard Matt Coffey assisted in the rescue of four swimmers in trouble in the ocean off Ninth Street Beach on Sept. 22, 2012.

Thornton saved a young girl, who was in the greatest danger. Coffey — a employee — also assisted.


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