Mayor Gillian: We Will Not Use Tropical Hardwood on the Boardwalk

Mayor Jay Gillian reasserted his opposition to using tropical hardwood on the boardwalk Friday night.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
Mayor Jay Gillian addressed the idea of using hardwood on the boardwalk in his Mayor's Update on the city's website Friday night:

Dear Friends,  

At the last council meeting the idea of using tropical hardwood on our boardwalk resurfaced.  I would like to take this opportunity to reconfirm the commitment I made to our community almost four years ago, that under my administration, the City will not pursue using tropical hardwoods on the Ocean City Boardwalk.   

After several years of planning, research, and consideration of other materials, the City has developed and initiated a plan to rebuild our boardwalk.  The first section is complete and we are beginning the process to start construction on the second section. 

The newly constructed project is designed to last at least twice as long as past projects.  This project uses three inch pine decking, stainless steel screws and the substructure has shorter spans.

Improvements such as these, along with regular maintenance, will make this section of the boardwalk improved over other areas, such as the section from 12th to 14th street, which has lasted over ten years. 

Our plan will ensure a longer lasting, safer structure.

Under my administration, the City will continue forward with this fiscally responsible, common sense approach project that was planned, funded and agreed upon in the five year capital plan.   

Most importantly, our boardwalk is safe and ready for the influx of residents and visitors to enjoy during what I expect to be one of the best summer seasons ever.   

I look forward to seeing you and your families enjoying our boardwalk, shopping and entertainment this summer and for years to come.   

Warm regards,    

Jay A. Gillian Mayor

Big c May 31, 2014 at 04:22 PM
Case closed.way to go Mr. mayor. We don't need expensive hardwood. The new section and the new dune walkways look great. You have the second section planed, now let's work on the pumping stations and fix the flooding.


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