Council to Discuss Skateboard Park With Public During Workshop Meeting Thursday Night

The proposed site for the park is the 500 block of Asbury Avenue.

City council will dedicate its Thursday night workshop meeting to discussing the proposed skateboard park. (Patch file photo)
City council will dedicate its Thursday night workshop meeting to discussing the proposed skateboard park. (Patch file photo)
The recommended site for the proposed Ocean City skateboard park will be on the 500 block of Asbury Avenue, and city residents have the opportunity to learn all about the project Thursday night.

Councilman Michael DeVlieger proposed dedicating this week’s council workshop to discussing the project with the residents at Thursday night’s meeting at the library.

The workshop takes place Thursday night, April 3, 6 p.m.

According to Mayor Jay Gillian in his latest update, the intent is to “minimize the number of parking spots lost,” and the city is exploring other options for additional parking in the area.

“That location offers the best environment for the kids,” resident John Benino said during the public comment portion of Thursday night’s meeting. “You have a school on the west, a church on the south, businesses on another side and public buildings on the other side. You’re going to have minimal noise complaints and it’s a safe place for kids.”

Resident Greg Whelan skates and currently takes his children to Upper Township to skate. He eagerly anticipates a new park in Ocean City.

The original skateboard park at Sixth Street and Boardwalk was shut down in 2011. At the time, city officials cited safety concerns due to deteriorating equipment and the use of bicycles in the park were contributing factors.

It wasn’t long before skateboard enthusiasts in Ocean City began a movement to have the park returned to the city.

City officials approved plans for a new skateboard facility in July. The project would include resurfaced shuffleboard courts, the addition of pickleball courts on Sixth Street and the repaving of a municipal parking lot.

In his weekly Mayor’s Address, Gillian also discussed the Merion Park improvements.

To read his address in full, visit ocnj.us.

spdrat99 April 01, 2014 at 07:14 PM
I am a supporter of the Skatepark and it's currently selected location. City Council and our Mayor are working to provide for all the members of our community. Give the kids something to be proud of and it will be a social hub for them. Quit complaining about parking, we live in Ocean City. It comes with the buyers agreement along with no fish guano production.
OCnjOC April 02, 2014 at 03:32 PM
spdrat99 - Most residents who would be stuck paying for the park will never use it. the government is not here to provide social hubs, they are here to fix the streets and collect the trash. While my sewer backs up these clowns are looking to give out freebies to help them get elected. Frank- everyone who states an opinion they they don't want to spend their money on something is a "grumpy complainer." Why don't you pay for it out of your pocket so you don't have to here the complaints?
spdrat99 April 02, 2014 at 10:00 PM
Thank you for your viewpoint. However, Ocean City does provide social hubs, this one is needed, and it sounds like you need to invest in a backflow preventor since insurance doesn't cover your house filling up with excrement.
Denise Fisk-Baj April 03, 2014 at 09:10 PM
It's about time and I would support whoever wants to Re-build the Skatepark....... funny though it's during elections..... This skatepark is needed and obviously would be an added attraction for the locals and tourists alike. For the kids who come every year and don't want to do the same old thing and ride rides ...... it not always about revenue - it's also about attracting the entire family and even something for the family members that like to skateboard...... it is a popular attraction..... and goes hand in hand with surfing and the whole seaside shore experience ....... And maybe it doesn't have to be state of the art ....just a slight step up from what they had ---that was needlessly taken away....... and it's not just a social hub ....... it's also a betterment and improvement to the city........ and something that would attract family tourism.... :)


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