Council Approves $9.3 Million for Improvements

It also approved borrowing $8.9 million.

Ocean City Council unanimously approved $9.3 million in appropriations and the borrowing of $8.9 million for improvements throughout the city at its meeting Thursday night at the library.

The improvements include beachfront improvements, fixing the city’s drainage system, repairing public buildings and repairing recreation facilities.

The spending includes:

·      $795,000 for beachfront improvements;

·      $5,000,000 for repairing roads and drainage systems;

·      $905,000 for repairs to public buildings, including the Ocean City Music Pier and the library;

·      $850,000 for public recreation facilities, including the 52nd Street Playground and Second Street and Bay;

·      $335,000 for the downtown, including $200,000 for bike lane markings;

·      $75,000 for the airport;

·      $100,000 for general equipment;

·      $328,000 for communications upgrades;

·      $125,000 for heavy equipment rehabilitation; and

·      $200,000 for ambulance rehabilitation.

There are parts of the city damaged by Superstorm Sandy that weren’t funded last year, including Second and Bay, and three piers along the bay. Business Administrator Michael Dattilo believes one pier to be used for fishing can be completed by the time summer rolls around. All three piers would have boat slips.

Additionally, Council passed two ordinances that paved the way for for the installation of four duplexes along Central Avenue.

The ordinances vacate rights to a non-existent alley and bestow the rights to an existing alley upon the city.

The duplexes would replace two buildings currently owned by the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

Council also passed three ordinances on first reading to acquire land from residents. All three pieces of land are in the wetlands and can’t be developed. They are all worth about $100, and the residents are paying less than $1 in taxes. Second reading and the public hearing is set for March 13.

Robert McKenna, MIKE February 28, 2014 at 09:45 AM
The breakdown of the more than 9 million in appropriations, of which in excess of 8 million is borrowed, is only vaguely explained. The whole deal hides behind a few bullet points of needed improvements. The article goes on to mention that the beautiful beach-front land formerly owned by the Christian Brothers is now going to have four duplex type homes erected on the property. Ocean City would have been better off if the land was only zoned for single residence dwellings.
Eric Sauder February 28, 2014 at 07:59 PM
Yep and it would also be better off even with a parking lot than a 90+ unit condominium in the parking lot next to Flanders. But that's not the criteria that is used for making these decisions. This is what happens when we "all work together as a team." We need to restore checks and balances to this government. The type of development that is approved is the kind of development that maximizes profits.
Robert McKenna, MIKE March 02, 2014 at 09:35 AM
Exactly right Eric.


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