City Will Undo Some "No Parking" Changes on Bay Avenue

Some yellow paint will be removed from the curb outside the Ocean City Intermediate School.

Ocean City on Wednesday will restore some curbside parking to Bay Avenue near the .

Citing concerns about student safety, Mayor Jay Gillian had asked city crews two weeks ago to add yellow paint to most of the curb between 18th and 20th streets on the county-owned Bay Avenue. 

The mayor's unilateral decision led to a meeting Tuesday with Ocean City Business Administrator Mike Dattilo, Police Chief Chad Callahan, Cape May County Freeholder Will Morey and Cape May County Engineer Dale Foster.

"It was a positive and productive meeting, and I am fully satisfied that the county has the same concerns about student and pedestrian safety that I do," Gillian said in a statement.

Many students cross Bay Avenue from the bayside "Riviera" neighborhood to get to the Intermediate School. Gillian said he worried that it's hard for cars driving on Bay Avenue to see pedestrians stepping out from behind parked cars. Dattilo said new crosswalk laws have made pedestrians in general much more bold.

In accordance with state law, 90 feet of the new "no parking" zone across from the "T" intersection of Walnut Road and Bay Avenue will be preserved, according to Dattilo. Parking will be restored on other parts of Bay Avenue in the two-block stretch near the Intermediate School.

The state prohibits parking near intersections for the reasons cited by Gillian.

Gillian said the county agreed to provide new pavement markings for improved safety and is seeking grant money for "more dramatic safety improvements."

He said the city and the school district are working on improvements to the parking area adjacent to the armory building on 18th Street, which could be used by school personnel.

Jim Houck August 29, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Why couldn'tthe "productive meeting" have taken place before the curbs were painted? Such arrogance !
Silver Mariposa August 29, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Yet ANOTHER case of the City's "leap before you look" actions without proper investigation of the costs, consequences, or legality. Maybe the mayor himself should pay for removing this mistake if it was under his misguided orders?
Frank Worrell August 29, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Yeah take it out of his pay....OH YEAH HE SERVES WITHOUT TAKING ANY PAY FOR HIS SERVICES..Maybe he made a mistake but his mistake was on the side of SAFTEY.. tough group
OC4EVER August 29, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Frank, he might have made a mistake on the side of safety but now it is going to cost us taxpayers once again for his mistake. He is not new to politics. He grew up in a political atmosphere all his life. There is no excuse for what he did. He should've cleared it with the county first. Now let's see if he owns up to it and pays for it.


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