Administration Begins to Itemize Damage Sandy Wrought in Ocean City

How much will it cost to fix damage to beaches, boardwalk and public buildings?

Ocean City is still calculating total damages from Superstorm Sandy on Oct. 29 storm and still awaiting decisions from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on what will be reimbursed, but the total has already surpassed $20 million.

Members of Mayor Jay Gillian's administration reported to City Council at a workshop meeting on Thursday what the storm has cost so far — to public property alone.

The following are preliminary assessments of damage (not necessarily plans for repairs):

  • Beaches: The city estimates it lost 850,000 cubic yards of sand worth $10 million (still awaiting confirmation from the Army Corps of Engineers). A beach-widening project that was approved before the storm is tentatively scheduled to start in March, but the city is still waiting on survey information to determine the scope of the project after a meeting with the Army Corps on Wednesday.
  • Location Cubic Yards  Cost Bridge to Seaspray Jetty 5,000 $60,000 Seaspray to 14th Street 271,111 $3,253,333 14th Street to 34th Street 248,889 $2,986,667 34th Street to South End 323,556 $3,882,667
  • Beach outfall pipe repairs: Repairs at seven locations will cost $190,000 and include increased capacity of the 2nd Street location.
  • Dune replacement and sand fence repairs: $10 million (still awaiting confirmation from the Army Corps of Engineers).
  • Location Cost Bridge to Seaspray Jetty $110,000 Seaspray to 14th Street $1,450,000 14th Street to 34th Street $3,100,000 34th Street to South End $3,300,000
  • Bayfront repairs: Damage includes $478,000 at the public marina at Second Street and Bay Avenue (dock, electric and water service). The work may ultimately be completed under . Other damage includes Third Street bulkhead ($120,000); Bayside dock damage ($60,000) and Cardiff Road bulkhead cap repair ($1,000)
  • Boardwalk: Sandy did an estimated $202,000 worth of damage to Boardwalk ramps, steps and railings. The damage includes ramps at St. James, Second, Third, Fifth and Sixth streets. It includes dune crossovers at E. Atlantic and 58th streets.
  • Recreational facilities: 34th Street playground and tennis courts ($40,000); Municipal Golf Course netting and fencing ($10,000); 8th Street playground ($25,000); 52nd Street hockey rink ($10,000).
  • Bayside Center: $15,000 in building damage and $1,200 in content loss.
  • Airport and Golf Course pro shop: $170,000 for lighting, electronics, pro shop repairs, weather station.
  • Ocean City Music Pier: Window and floor repair still awaiting estimate. Equipment replacement ($32,000).
  • City Hall: Building damage still awaiting estimate. Contents ($250,000). Document salvage ($67,000).
  • Ocean City Transportation Center: Costs for repairing historic structure still awaiting estimate. Building contents ($16,000).
  • Vehicle maintenance facility: Repair of concrete floor ($200,000). Building contents ($45,000).
  • Ocean City Beach Patrol zone headquarters: A combined $26,500 to the four beachfront buildings and equipment sheds.
  • Ocean City Community Center: Pump room at the Aquatics and Fitness Center pool ($7,500). Lobby areas remediated ($3,000). Potential undermining of foundation in certain portions of the building is still under review.
  • 29th Street Firehouse: The city will explore the cost benefit of repair vs. replacement. Building contents ($61,000). Firefighters are not able to stay in the building.
  • 46th Street Firehouse, Post Office and Beach Fee Office: $25,000 in repairs and $8,700 in contents.
  • Traffic and Communications: $151,782 in repairs to traffic signals and communications.
Monk Dean December 07, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Concrete floors..
Patrick Piriano December 07, 2012 at 05:19 PM
http://oceancity.patch.com/users/douglas-bergen What is up with the state plan to reduce property taxes for the loss of value of said property? I know my property lost at least 50% of value because of "SUPER STORM SANDY" There are people all around the state taking advantage of the loss. Where is the article on this issue here for us in OC Douglas? How can I get this, if you don't know? Lots of work on the horizon.
Douglas Bergen December 07, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Patrick, I'll see what I can find. I did attend an informational meeting early on (soon after the storm), where city officials suggested that property owners contact the Tax Assessor's Office related to this issue (at the time, they were still exploring the ramifications).
DSA December 08, 2012 at 01:01 AM
When might we expect to hear about whether the south end will be included in the beach restoration? Should we be optimistic??
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