Police Remind Residents Not to Park Along Snow Route

Another round of snow is expected Sunday night.

With another round of snow expected Sunday night into Monday, Ocean City Police remind city residents not to park along the designated snow emergency route.

City ordinance prohibits residents from parking their vehicles on any part of the road when it is covered by snow so that snow plowing can take place, police said Sunday morning.

In Ocean City, the snow emergency route is the entire length of West Avenue from North Street to 59th Street. Vehicles that remain on the road can create a hazard to public safety and are subject to being ticketed or towed.
lovesmancos March 02, 2014 at 04:43 PM
Now how ridiculous is it to make you have to remove your cars from the widest avenue on the island! Stupid! Wesley should be designated a snow route as well, especially being directly connected to the Longport Bridge, which is an evacuation route, no? If it isn't, it should be to funnel traffic and emergencies onto another route right to the SP hospital. The roads you SHOULD remove parking from are the narrower Bay Avenue from Battersea to all the way to Roosevelt Boulevard, Battersea itself, where most residents there probably already do park off the street, and all of 9th and 34th streets. West is already a given! That's like naming Lebron as the NBA MVP! Who are the dumb people who "conceive" these silly ideas?


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