Ocean City Police Investigating Possible Door-to-Door Sales Fraud

A salesperson claiming to be affiliated with "Anchor's Away" is allegedly targeting elderly residents for aggressive sales of frozen food products.

A salesman identifying himself as an “Anchor’s Away” frozen food salesman has allegedly been going door-to-door in Ocean City using high-pressure sales techniques to secure sales and delivering results that fall short of promises made, Ocean City Police said Thursday morning.

Police have been unable to identify a legitimate food company operating under the name “Anchor’s Away” in Ocean City. 

Police conducted an online investigation and discovered a company that goes by the name “Anchor’s Away Seafood Meat Company” has received mixed reviews from residents in Ocean County on trademarkia.com.

According to one tesimonial posted on the website, a salesperson entered their home uninvited to "make room in their refrigerator" for the Anchor's Away product.

Another person claims a salesman allegedly increased the cost food in the middle of a conversation from $250 to $600.

There were also two positive reviews on the site, with one person claiming that although their delivery and sales techniques are unusual, the food was "fantastic" and they hoped to order more.

Another said meals are reasonably priced and they "can't wait to see the Anchor's Away truck pull up so I can fill my freezer."

All the reviews were posted between June and August of 2013.

According to finduslocal.com, a meat and fish market that goes by the name Anchor's Away operates out of Mount Holly. There is no website for this company and no phone number is provided.

A phone number connected with the address posted on the website connected Ocean City Patch to a company that claims no affiliation with Anchor's Away.

Police couldn't confirm any connection between the Anchor's Away based in Mount Holly and the alleged salesman claiming to be associated with Anchor's Away.

Police can’t determine where Anchor's Away's products are manufactured or if they meet state or federal safety guidelines for food production and processing.

Additionally, City Ordinance allows only companies authorized by the Ocean City Clerk and that have a mercantile license to solicit door-to-door products. Permission is usually reserved for charitable organizations.

In Ocean City, the individual has allegedly approached homes unannounced, specifically targeting elderly residents, and uses a high pressure sales technique to get the homeowner to commit a large sum of money as a down payment for products to be delivered at a later date.

This involves the resident committing to a long-term contract and future financial obligations.

The individual in question drives a white colored pickup truck or sports utility vehicle with no identifying marks.

Police caution residents to make sure alleged door-to-door salesmen produce photo identification for the company they represent before opening the door. Residents who have doubts or suspicions should contact the police department immediately.

Anyone who has been a victim of this type of incident is asked to call the Ocean City Police Department at 609-399-9111.

Bobbi June 07, 2014 at 11:13 AM
This type of fraud seems to be trending.


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