Ocean City Fire Department Now Carrying Heroin Antidote

The fire department completed training for heroin overdoses last week.

The Ocean City Fire Department recently completed training on how to deal with heroin overdoses, and firefighters and EMTs are now carrying the heroin antidote, the Ocean City Gazette reports.

Last year, legislators passed the Opioid Antidote and Overdose Prevention Act, which made it legal for law enforcement officials to carry Naloxone/Narcan, a heroin antidote previously only available to hospital staff.

There have been 56 deaths related to heroin overdoses in Cape May County this year, according to the report.

Last month, the Cape May County Chiefs of Police Association voted to allow all county police departments to carry the antidote.

Ocean City Fire Chief Chris Breunig told the Gazette the drug can help officials combat prescription drug overdoses as well. The antidote counteracts the impact of all opioid overdoses, which includes heroin, oxycotin and Tylenol 3, among other drugs.
Patches O'Houlihan May 14, 2014 at 05:46 PM
What happens after the drug abuser is saved? There has been nothing stated about follow on treatment or if the politicians even considered that. If government is going to come to the rescue and save people from themselves how about finishing the job correctly or leave the issue alone and let it correct itself.
Bill Hartranft May 15, 2014 at 08:29 AM
Always believed natural selection was proper.
jim england May 15, 2014 at 06:02 PM
WDH's comment is quite harsh and cavalier. But anonymous posts foster this. Narcan (Naloxone) can save the life of any victim of opioid overdose; whether the drug is prescribed or ilicit and whether the cause was accidental, suicidal, or homocidal. The victims can range from children who accidentally ingest a perscribed pain medication, to confused adults who accidentally overdose on prescribed medication, to narcotic abusers. The headline of this article, while technically correct, misleads because Narcan is an antidote for any opioid overdose, not just Heroin, which is always ilicit. Finally, to invoke Social Darwinism for those with an adictive disorder is quite uncivil and inhumane. People with mental health chalenges need help and treatment, not vilification.
Bill Hartranft May 15, 2014 at 06:12 PM
Jim, name is Bill Hartranft. I don't believe I'm inhumane, but...I tire of how personal responsibility seems to have gone somewhere else. In my former career I signed my name WDH...some of my kids call me WDH... so it was natural for me to sign this way. By the way, I don't mind being seen as harsh. Still believe in natural selection.....


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