HAWK Signal Now Fully Fuctional

The new signal was in Flash Mode for one week. It makes crossing the street safer for pedestrians.

The new traffic signal that is part of the bicycle friendly pathway is now fully functional.

The High Intensity Activated crosswalK (HAWK) signal at 9th Street and Haven Avenue went live last week, but was in Flash Mode for one week. A 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, the signal became fully functional, Ocean City Police said.

It was installed by Diehl Electric out of Hammonton. The contract was for $238,857, according to Ocean City Chief Financial Officer Frank Donato. Part of the cost was covered by a $100,000 grant the city received to install that signal last year.

The signal helps provide a gap in traffic to make crossing the street safer for pedestrians. Pedestrians will be able to push a button when they reach a busy intersection and cross when the appropriate signal shows up.

Drivers will see a black signal until  pedestrian pushes the button and a flashing yellow light appears. The light then becomes a solid red light, signaling the driver to stop.  When pedestrians have finished crossing, the light becomes a toggling red light before going dark once again.

The signal was first developed in Arizona and installed in 2000. It is used in parts of Arizona, Georgia and Tennessee, among other locations.

The city will monitor the signal and its impact before considering any other locations, Donato said. He added that the police department's recommendation would be 34th Street and Haven Avenue, which would tie the bike path together.

The city was named a bicycle friendly community in 2012, according to the Ocean City Gazette.


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