New investigation into Sandy Stronger than the Storm commercials.

I just  tried to email Congressman Pallone to share with him my views on the investigation into the use of Sandy Funds for the "Stronger then the Storm"  Commercials.  I mistakenly thought that as a citizen of NJ he might be interested in hearing my views. I learned quickly that unless you are in his voting district he has no interest in your opinion.  You cannot even leave him a message.
Therefore, I will share my thoughts with those of you who may be interested.  This is a ridiculous waste of time and money.  Further, I wonder if anyone from the "investigation" (more like witch hunt) committee will publish how much money and time they will spend on trying to make something out of nothing. Will they be accountable?  It is without question that the ads were effective.  For weeks after the storm people were using the phrase "Stronger than the Storm" at work and at schools, etc.  Congressman Pallone seems to think that another bid should have been taken; and further believes that the lowest bid is always correct no matter what the product or result.  It seems o me that given the effectiveness of the commercials that the right decision was made.  Isn't that what counts in the end?  Results?  So what if Christie and his family were in the ads?  Who cares?  Does Congressman Pallone really believe that NJ voters are so dimwitted and simple minded that we would allow that commerical to influence our values and beliefs about who to vote for? Really Congressman Pallone? Please find something more productive to spend our tax dollars on.


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