Letter to Editor: Neither 'Obamney' Nor 'Robama' Have the People at Heart

Ocean City resident Steven Fenichel argues that both candidates cater to the interests of a select few.

Dear Editor,

Another presidential election is almost here. Once again, the people will not be voting for their own interests but for the interests of the 1 percent who are in control. The Koch brothers, oil, drug, insurance companies and the newest member of this elite group, Drone manufacturers.

Witness the meaningless two debates thus far between Obamney and Robama. The billionaire fossil-fuel Koch brothers had the anointed ones arguing who would allow more drilling on federal lands, fracking up our groundwater and polluting our air with “clean” coal. Making America a leader in developing renewable sources of energy, solar and wind, was off the table.

Health care was a finger-pointing display between the two standard-bearers. Obamacare vs. Romneycare. Meaningless babble from both candidates. The insurance CEOs remain secure with their million-dollar salaries. With a free hand to profit off the sick and a license to interfere with the patient-doctor relationship no matter which of them wins.

Drones appeal to both of these “leaders.” No wonder this was not an allowable question. Witness the recently passed law by the Republican-controlled Congress and signed by the Democratic president: In September 2015, surveillance drones will have unlimited access to American air space. The government will have the people in a virtual surveillance lockdown. Clearly not in the public interest but great for maintaining the 1 percenters advantage over the rest of us.

When will the presidential debates allow the voices of the peoples’ interest and not just that of big money? When will Americans vote their conscience and not their fears? With the debates controlled by the Dems and Repubs it will probably take a second Revolution to have a genuine democracy of, by and for the people.

As further proof of how surreal it has become in America, Dr. Jill Stein, the physician running for president on the Green Party ticket, was arrested and handcuffed to a chair for eight hours. Her crime: attempting to enter the Hofstra auditorium where the second debate was being held.

Steven Fenichel, MD
Ocean City 

Sam Lavner October 23, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Steve - Thanks for another thoughtful and eloquent letter. You know we share most of your objectives but differ on how to achieve them politically. This letter illustrates how we differ in our approach: Romney or Obama will win the election. Nobody else will. You denounce Romney and Obama, and seem to implicitly endorse a third candidate. Obama shares your goals and is working toward achieving them. (though not nearly to your satisfaction). Romney opposes your goals and would act accordingly. Your liberal advocacy will not discourage any Romney voters. Your liberal advocacy has the potential to discourage Obama voters. So, your letter is more likely to promote behavior (cause a net loss of Obama votes) that does damage to your objectives. I advocate for Obama because that has potential to increase the chances he wins and that my objectives are met or at least advanced. Last comment - I don't know the specifics of your opposition to the use of drones against terrorists so I cannot rebut your position. I will say though that I support it because I believe it is the most cost-effective means of accomplishing a bad but necessary objective.


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