OPINION: If BL England/ SJ Gas Scheme isn't stopped better get a gas mask...

2 years ago I read an article by The Clean Air Task Force. It was titled "The Toll From Coal" and in it was a startling fact: Ocean City had the 14th highest mortality/morbidity in the USA from more than 500 communities downwind from a coal burning power plant.
I tried my best to alert the citizens about this health issue but the people were unreceptive to the message or the messenger.

Now the politicians and corporate shills are trying to convince the public that BL England must be supported in their gas pipeline scheme:
"Natural Gas will be clean energy. Not Dirty energy like coal".

Suddenly the fight against coal and for gas is supposed to matter to the citizens who were indifferent when coal was being burned.

The SJ Gas & BL England corporate propaganda and their political enablers (Christie, Norcross, Sweeney,Palombo, Van Drew, Cape May Freeholders) are now in full throttle for bringing (Fracked) gas to burn 24/7/365 at BL England.

The health impact from gas emissions, Ultrafine Particles, (UFP's) is being censored from the public. As a Physician I have studied this extensively and I believe that if BL England converts from coal (burnt 30-40 days/year) to Gas ( burnt 365 days/yr) the morbidity/mortality risk to Ocean City will be significantly higher than its 14th rank with coal. 

When the Clean Air Task Force publishes the danger to people in Ocean City from gas emissions real estate values will plummet. Sad to realize that our City government does not give a canary's fart about anything but $$$$.

If BL England gets its way thanks to the indifference of Ocean City the people "will reap what they have allowed to be sown." 
Love Canal revisited:
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Canal .

Glenn Klotz February 23, 2014 at 10:49 PM
I've watched this winter as the owners of BL England have been burning coal , oil or tires or whatever it is they burn in that infernal thing? Mind you this is a company that has been telling anyone that will listen it needs desperately to convert this place to burning Natural Gas ( methane) to remedy this situation. In the mean time however they have absolutely no qualms about burning away day and night. So much for their concern for all our health. Hopefully, soon the place will be shut down permanently and this whole disgusting ruse will come to a close. I'm sure the hedge fund that owns it can find some other community to poison somewhere else.
Bill Fosbenner February 24, 2014 at 02:27 PM
I hope those making negative statements about the power plant converting to natural gas are life residents that have been here prior to the opening of the B L England power plant. Otherwise, why did they move here with the existing facility nearby? I hope that those voicing their opinions against the pipeline are disconnected from the power grid that needs to be supported by generating stations somewhere in this part of the region. Do those against the conversion all have solar on their roofs and doing there part to limit power generation nees? The plant pre-dates myself, a lifelong Beesleys Point resident only by a couple years. Does not our air flow from western states with power plants? Does anyone know what would happen to a shut down power plant like this? Who tears it down and cleans up the site? How long would that take? Professionals estimate over 40 years! I believe that even in my "back yard" that continued use of this facility makes the best sense and running a pipeline along an existing road does not cause significant harm to the environment. Would as many people have so strongly voiced their opinions if this pipe were only for back up for the county gas needs?
George February 25, 2014 at 01:23 PM
The place leaves my home, my boats, my cars, my outdoor furniture dirty. I can only imagine the improvements when they hopefully switch to Natural gas.
Fred Reed February 26, 2014 at 02:00 PM
Let's say this in a different way... When BL England converts to gas, it will be much cleaner because it will not produce the Fine Particulate pollution in the form of sooty deposits that George is talking about... Inevitably, there will be some leakage of methane gas which is classified as Ultra Fine Particulate (UFP) pollution... UFP pollution, which is not regulated by the EPA, is invisible and odorless but can be harmful to your health... You can absorb it while cooking, driving, smoking, eating at restaurants, and operating small appliances like hair dryers. It is inhaled by our children when they ride in their diesel-powered school buses. It is also produced naturally, by decaying organic mater in the wetlands and on the beach. Dr. Steve is right in that the only way to filter out UFP pollution is by wearing a full-fledged gas mask (a cloth face mask will not work). So why wait for the BL England plant conversion? If you want to be totally safe, beat the rush and don that gas mask the next time you ride bikes on the board or walk on the beach!
steve fenichel March 02, 2014 at 04:35 PM
With all due respect Mr. Reed, Ultrafine Particles (UFP's) are particles emitted when Fracked gas is combusted. Methane gas is not an UFP. The UFP's are likely to be a greater health threat then the large particles from coal combustion. The EPA is responsible for regulating and monitoring all air borne pollutants. The methane gas from organic decay does not justify your gas mask recommendation.
Oceancity Resident March 03, 2014 at 06:56 AM
Can't help but wonder when the greatest hypocrite I've ever encountered will turn off his power and go off the grid?


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