Needed: Memories Destined to Last More Than a Lifetime

Everybody is invited to share memories by painting tiles to be shared in a mosaic sculpture for a public park.

Dear Jennifer,

My name is Lisa Sugarman, and I am a full-time summer and part-time year-round resident of Ocean City, coming from a long and enthusiastic line of Ocean City lovers, all of whom have spent at least some portion of their summers in Ocean City all of their lives. 

(Above) is a photo of many of us, who came into your store (earlier this fall) on a mission to create contributions to the CAP project that you are sponsoring, in honor of my dear Aunt Nancy, who died this past winter at the age of 95.

I am writing to thank you for allowing us to paint the 6" tiles in my Aunt's memory. When we heard that the 4" tiles we're not available, we were heartbroken. All of us had planned our weekend around creating these memory tiles, some traveling long distances to be together in that effort, and it would have been so disappointing not to have been able to accomplish our goal! You saved the day by permitting us to paint the 6" tiles for incorporation into the project, and we are very grateful.

As I told the lovely young girl who was working that day, Anna Goodwin, nee Conlan ("Nancy") began summering in Ocean City at a very young age, along with her two sisters, Odette and Marie.

As young women, they worked summers at The Chatterbox, then owned by Jean Campbell, and after they married, gathered their own families to continue making memories in Ocean City. Of the three, my Aunt Nancy was the one who enjoyed the strongest and sweetest lifetime bond with the town, always renting close by so that all of us could grow up with beautiful, lasting memories together.

She bicycled the length of the island well into her 80s, and loved every minute she spent in Ocean City.  Nancy enjoyed her last weekend in Ocean City one year ago, and passed away in January.  We miss her deeply, but her spirit and love of life is with us always.

Again, thank you for accommodating us on Saturday, Jennifer. It is a kindness we will remember ...

Lisa Sugarman

That's the full text of a note from Sugarman to Glazed Over owner Jennifer Boyce. It perhaps best describes the ongoing Mosaic Memories project that invites members of the public to paint ceramic tiles for use in a new sculpture in the park at Ninth Street and West Avenue. 

"This is exactly what I was hoping for when the idea was conceived," said Leslie Skibo, president of Community Art Projects, the nonprofit group working to use public spaces as a canvas for artwork. "There are so many people who have lived in and loved our little town. Their stories need to be told and their names remembered. There are a lot of Aunt Nancy's in the community who deserve the attention." 

Skibo said CAP already has collected about 400 tiles, each sharing a different memory. The group will continue to accept new tiles until the middle of January, and she suggests the activity as an ideal holiday gift or family outing.

The tiles ultimately will be arranged and designed into a three-dimensional structure in the park on the northeast corner of West Avenue and Ninth Street. CAP's goal is for a spring installation.

Here's how any member of the public can participate:

MOSAIC MEMORIES: Invite your friends, your family to paint a tile — no artistic ability needed (really!). Paint your business name or logo on a 4 1/4" ceramic tile at Glazed Over Studio, 854 Asbury Avenue. Prices are $20 per tile or two for $35.  Support Community Art Projects (CAP) and your painted tile(s) will be incorporated into a permanent sculpture prominently placed at the park at Ninth and West Avenue. Painting of tiles extended until January 15, 2014.


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