Robert “Domino” Speca to Retire

Speca was an Ocean City Beach Patrol rookie in 1979.

Robert “Domino” Speca, arguably the best known Ocean City lifeguard since Jack Kelly (rookie 1942), is retiring at the end of this summer.

He has spent 34 summers protecting the bathers. Speca, a physics teacher and former Ironman triathlete, set the original Guinness Book of World Records record for domino toppling. He appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Mike Douglas Show, That’s Incredible, and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He set up dominoes on the Great Wall of China and has written two books on domino toppling.

This past June, Speca appeared on CBS national news toppling 850 humans and mattresses for a new Guinness Book record.

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Lars Brown September 04, 2012 at 11:04 AM
I dont think I could put it much better than Mr. Hamilton did above. Many of you know Domino as a friendly, humble outgoing character. Domino is also a incredible guard. I had the honor of sitting the stand with Domino only a few of my OCBP days. One of those days, a gentlemen passed out on the beach and required rescue breathing. Domino worked quickly and efficiently, but kept super cool throughout the ordeal. Domino and I administered rescue breathing until the paramedics arrived to take the gentlemen to the hospital. The gentlemen survived and came to the Park Place lifeguard stand a few days later to thank us for saving his life. This is just one of many examples of Domino's excellence in guarding and ability to keep cool in extreme situations. He is truly one of the greats.
Fred Miller September 04, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Thanks, Lars for the great comment.
Michael Hamilton September 05, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Thank you and Lars, Fred......Domino like you Fred, worked for 18 of his 34-years years under a real Captain of the beach patrol in Ollie Muzslay. Remember him Fred. But unlike you Fred, Domino retires with no personal animus toward Ollie or Ed Y or anyone else. That is part of the character of this genuine guy we call Domino, who seems to be able to get along with everyone he encounters. In his summer-time retirement, I hope he writes a book about those 34 years on the beach patrol. His history and beach stories would be very interesting, as written by a guy who did the most important job on the Patrol, that of guarding from the stand. Bob retires as a "proud red-shirt" of the OCBP. There is no pretense in Speca, as he qualified every year for his job on the Patrol, Fred.
Public Servant ret'd September 06, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Best of luck in retirement Bob! Finally you can enjoy the beach you so stood vigil guard over! Mr. Hamilton, why must you make EVERY press release regarding the OCBP a self-serving politcal notice? Give it a break--everyone is aware of your disdain for Fred M & Tom M (among others)---it's getting old!
Michael Hamilton September 06, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Mr Public, You are right on all counts. It is getting old, I am getting old and I should give it a break. Knowing the two personalities as I do, makes it difficult to restrain myself from making comment. I actually like Fred M, but do have disdain in regards to his so-called OCBP history books/articles which are intentionally devoid of the considerable, honorable and over four decades of contribution to the beach patrol by Captain Ollie Muzslay.Talk about disdain! Also, although it took place over a decade ago, the conspiracy to screw Muzslay out of the job he held with the Patrol (by a name change from Captain to "Director of Operations"), as well as unnecessary placing the 100yr old OCBP under the OCFD to accomplish that goal, still reeks of political cronyism.The City insurer paid a tidy sum for that scenario, and Fred knows the story very well. Will he write about what he was part of ? Not likely, just go on, keep smiling/glad-handing and try to keep the sins of the past secret. Tom M,well you would have to have worked under him and have the insiders knowledge to really know him. Not worth talking about, but stay tuned for breaking news about the director.This is getting old and it is time to give it a break.Over, done, and out: for now.


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