State Democrats Call for Balles to Resign Over Whelan Comments

He made the comments while speaking to the New Jersey Second Amendment Society earlier this month.

The State Democratic Committee is calling for Atlantic County Sheriff Frank X. Balles to resign after comments he made about Jim Whelan during an appearance before the New Jersey Second Amendment Society earlier this month.

During his appearance on Oct. 7, he told the group that if Jim Whelan, his opponent in the upcoming District 2 Senate race, approaches them, they should close the door on them. He then echoed the sentiment of a member of the group to "Go get your gun," according to talkinpointsmemo.com.

Balles, a Republican, is running against incumbent Democratic Sen. Jim Whelan, in the Nov. 5 elections.

"Encouraging violence toward any elected official is bad enough, but when it comes from the head of a law enforcement agency it's absolutely reprehensible," Justin Myers, Executive Director of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, said in a prepared statement. “Balles’ remark is totally unacceptable. We have seen how this type of irresponsible language can lead to actual violence, as was the case in the brutal attack on Congresswoman Gabby Gifford of Arizona. Not only does Frank Balles not belong in the legislature, he has disgraced his uniform and the Atlantic County Sheriff's Department and should hand in his badge immediately.”

Balles was not available for comment Thursday evening.

Balles was giving a speech on his position concerning guns, according to the report.

Balles is running as a Republican in the Nov. 5 election. He is an Egg Harbor Township resident and an Absegami High School graduate. He's served as sheriff since 2009.

Whelan, the Democratic incumbent, has served since 2008, and was in the General Assembly prior to that. He's voted in favor of four pieces of legislation this year that strengthen regulations on gun control.

The YouTube video attached to this story was originally posted by Bold Departure, a user who has uploaded other appearances by candidates before the society.


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