Meet the Candidate: Keith Hartzell

Councilman Keith Hartzell is running for one of three open at-large council seats May 13.

Ocean City Councilman Keith Hartzell
Ocean City Councilman Keith Hartzell
Five candidates are running for three open at-large council seats in the May 13 non-partisan elections. The seats are for four-year terms.

Ocean City Patch sent a series of questions to each candidate in this year's elections. The questions listed below are listed as sent, and each answer is published as received, with corrections for minor errors.

The subject of today's "Meet the Candidate" profile is Councilman Keith Hartzell

Why are you running?

I love doing it. I love the job. Over the last eight years, I think we've been pretty successful. I've had a lot of cost-cutting ideas and reduced overtime. When you help people, they are grateful. People feel comfortable asking me questions when they see me out in public and I love taking the time to answer them. I love it more than anything else.

What do you feel are the most pressing issues?

The most pressing issues are keeping costs down and roads and drainage. We have to maintain communication with the public on zoning issues. We were able to get the height down in Ocean City Homes. The skate park issue happened so fast, I just want to make sure we continue to get out and talk to people when there are zoning changes.

Dredging is an important issue. I went door-to-door with Councilman Antwan McClellan and we had over 100 people at our meeting.

What changes would you make to what the current council is doing?

I think council could do a little bit better job communicating with the public. The skate park issue came up so fast and we were not able to get out and communicate the way we should've.

What are some of the positive things you believe the current council is doing?

We've held the line on spending and council is responsive to the citizens' needs. They've made sure people have access to them, and they're doing a good job bringing costs in line.

What do you bring to council that no one else can bring. i.e. strengths, experience, etc?

My willingness to go door-to-door. I have the time to do that and being on the radio, my accessibility is very high. I go to every door, whether you're a registered voter or not. Everyone pays taxes, and everyone should have the chance to be involved, whether they vote or not. My ability to analyze costs is an asset. I've been involved in 25 budgets. I've done a lot of business budgets that help me do the municipal budget.

What is your political background? What offices have you held/run for in the past?

I've served two terms on council. I was the President of Main Street Ocean City for five years.

Personal Background

Regional Sales Manager at von Drehle Corporation, dealing with paper products

1979 Gordon College graduate, majored in sociology and history

WOND radio show co-host with Chuck Betson

Attends Coastal Christian Church in the winter and Tabernacle in the summer

OCnjOC April 10, 2014 at 12:45 PM
Chuck Betson says Hartzell is a guest, not a "co-host." What else is false in his bio?
Taxpaying Local Resident with children April 10, 2014 at 04:49 PM
Keith devotes much of his life to this position. DOn't knock him. Great job reaching out Keith! Got my vote.
OCnjOC April 11, 2014 at 01:41 AM
Keith devotes much of his life to himself!
Kathy O'Connor April 13, 2014 at 05:54 PM
Keith would sell his mother for a vote - no integrity here, folks and he is foolish enough and naïve enough to believe someone who offers their vote to him (while at the same time, offering their vote to his opponent) your such a fool, Keith
Denise Fisk-Baj April 15, 2014 at 10:39 PM
Keith, keep up the good work and if I could vote.... you have mine for sure!!! I think you have done a wonderful job and you do listen to the people...... you are approachable and that means a lot to the people...... hope you will serve OC in the future, as I know you love this town with all your heart!!!


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