Quiet Festival in Ocean City Set for Nov. 8-15

The event celebrates eight days of silence and serenity.

The mayhem of the big summer events has passed and the holiday festivities have not arrived, so Ocean City will take eight days to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

The resort's annual Quiet Festival starts Tuesday, Nov. 8, and includes events that run through the following Tuesday (Nov. 15). All events are free, and all involve quiet or calming activities.

For all those who are ready to turn down the volume, here's the schedule of events:


Tuesday, Nov. 8

Paper airplane making and flying: Learn how to make and fly paper airplanes with licensed pilot Ken Thorpe and his crew. The event includes the paper-airplane bullseye game and other activities. The fun takes place in the Kids' Activity Room at the at 6:30 p.m.


Wednesday, Nov. 9

Official Quiet Ceremony: The formal kickoff features the Yawn-Along to the tune of Beautiful Dreamer, an inspirational maple pod drop, a tinkling concert by the world’s only wind chimes band featuring the No. 1 song on the Wind Chimes Charts, Brother Can You Spare a Chime, Ocean City High School Sign Club signing, Nancy Fox singing a quiet song, leaf-squeezing, pine-cone juggling, a kite-flying demonstration by Air Circus and bubbles galore. The ceremony starts at noon in front of .


Thursday, Nov. 10

Poetry: Bud Cole, Mark Soifer, the Bad Penny Poets and anyone else who likes to read or listen will participate. The program is set for 7 p.m. in Room 110 at the .


Friday, Nov. 11

Veterans Day Ceremony: The annual events takes place 11 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park, between Fifth and Sixth Streets on Wesley Avenue. 

Saturday, Nov. 12:  

White Mice, Hamster and Guinea Pig Challenge: "There has never been a contest for white mice, hamsters and guinea pigs. Well, the Quiet Festival will remedy that," says Ocean City Public Relations Director and event visionary Mark Soifer. "White mice and hamsters are nocturnal and usually sleep during the day, which makes them perfect for the Quiet Festival. These pets will be judged for their lack of energy, unusual sleeping positions and general disinterest in their surroundings. An exercise wheel will be available for any mouse or hamster that feels the need to abandon its instincts and work out. Guinea Pigs are not nocturnal and so will be judged for their liveliness, appearance, personality and interest in their surroundings. There will be an optional category for costumes."

The Challenge will be held 10:30 a.m. at the in the Senior Center. Prizes and certificates will be given to all entrants. A free photo will be taken and given to all pet owners.  Ribbons will be presented to winners and a special award will be given to best of show. Call 609-525-9300 or email msoifer@hotmail.com, or call 609-364-4010 after hours and on weekends to register your pet.

The band Amber Blues will play live acoustic music during the contest. HALT Rescue’s Danielle Challendar Clark will provide information on how to care for and protect white mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and other pets.

Folk Concert: Smithsonian Folk Artist Jim Albertson and nationally known instrumentalist, Lew London will be featured in noon and 2 p.m. concerts at the .

Learn to make items out of beads, a very quiet and relaxing pastime, at the . The noon event is free.

Free copies of quiet poems will be available all day at all day Saturday.


Sunday, Nov. 13

"You’re on your own," according to Soifer. 'Take a reflective walk, inspect the clouds, trees, horizon, stroll the boardwalk, later on enjoy the moon and stars, give your doggie a tummy rub, recite the Quiet Festival Lament to anyone who will listen:

I do not hear your song
I do not hear your words
I never watch the moon
Or listen to the birds
I’m lost in all the noise
That saturates my space
I’m weary of the clatter
Find me a quiet place ...


Monday, Nov. 14:

Paper airplane making and flying: Learn how to make and fly paper airplanes with licensed pilot Ken Thorpe and his crew. The event includes the paper-airplane bullseye game and other activities. The fun takes place 4:30 p.m. at the Youth Center After School Program.


Tuesday, Nov. 15:

Paper airplane making and flying: The Quiet Festival concludes 4 p.m. at the ACT After School Program with a final paper-airplane session. The event takes place at the Eighth Street Playground building across from Super Fresh. Free. Open to public by reservation, call 609-525-9300.

Salt E Water November 10, 2011 at 03:45 PM
One more reason why it is time to tell Mr. Soifer, thanks for all of his hardwork and great ideas over the years -- but now it is time to retire. We need new blood to promote this City. It is 2011, not 1971. Is this event really going to attract people to come to Ocean City and shop in the downtown or on the boardwalk? The answer is a "Quiet" one.....


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