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Quiet Festival Events Move to Saturday, Nov. 10

Weather forces consolidation of schedule.

The mayhem of the big summer events has passed and the holiday festivities have not arrived, so Ocean City typically takes time in the second week of November to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

The resort's annual Quiet Festival was scheduled to start Wednesday, Nov. 7, and include events that run through Sunday (Nov. 11) — with all events free and involving quiet or calming activities.

But last week's devastating coastal storm and another nor'easter arriving Wednesday, the lineup has been rescheduled. The Festival will open with a poetry reading on Friday evening, but most events now will take place on Saturday, Nov. 10.

The complete lineup is as follows:



How Now Brown Cow?
Ocean City Free Public Library
7 p.m., Room 116 

Open Poetry Reading — Come to read or listen. 609 525‐9300.



White Mice, Hamster and Guinea Pig Challenge
Ocean City Community Center
10:30 a.m., Senior Center

  • Pets will be judged for their lack of energy, unusual sleeping positions and general disinterest in their surroundings.
  • Guinea Pig Lettuce Eating Contest
  • Optional category for costumes.

HALT Rescue’s Danielle Clark will provide information on how to care for and protect white mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and other pets. Certificates will be given to all entrants. Ribbons will be presented to winners and a special award will be given to best of show. Call 609‐525‐9300, email msoifer@hotmail.com or call 609‐364‐4010 after hours and on weekends to register your pet(s).

NEW THIS YEAR: The Snore at the Shore
Ocean City Community Center
10:30 a.m., Senior Center 

An exciting new event, Snore at the Shore will challenge one’s ability to imitate quiet snoring in keeping with the sleepy, laid-back, personality of the Quiet Festival. Participants will have the option of lying on a sofa or sitting in a comfortable chair. We want to create an authentic atmosphere for this sound breaking new event. Sponsored by NAPTM (the National Association of tried People). Entry is free and prizes will be awarded. NAPTM officials are expecting a tremendous response and would appreciate a warning in advance that you will be there. Call 609 525‐9300 or email msoifer@hotmail.com or if this is too much trouble just show up ready to snore quietly.

Trick or Treat
Ocean City Community Center
10:30 a.m., Senior Center

Trick-or-treat during this Quiet Festival program to complement the city’s trick-or-treating that is scheduled citywide on Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m. Cartoonist Jerry Lukas will draw free pictures of your pets! The Turtle Singers will bring their giant tortoise Big Black Bart and tell stories. Meet Martin Z. Mollusk, Ocean City’s Relatively Famous Hermit Crab! Plus Quiet Yo‐Yo performers and numerous surprises!

The Yawn Along Extravaganza
Ocean City Community Center
10:30 a.m., Senior Center

This event has been rescheduled for the Community Center at 10:30 a.m. (due to inclement weather on Nov. 7). Be lulled into absolute oblivious serenity when Ocean City’s Yawn Along Singers yawn to the tune of beautiful dreamer. Hear the world’s only Wind Chimes Band tinkle some wind chimes tunes! Also, enjoy the semi‐exciting Maple Pod/Pine Cone Drop. There will be paper airplanes and much more.

Make and Fly Quiet Paper Airplanes
Ocean City Community Center
10:30 a.m., Senior Center 

Originally scheduled earlier in the week for the Tabernacle and the Ocean City Free Public Library, this event will also be at the Community Center, at 10:30 a.m. Join pilot Ken Thorpe and his talented crew for some fun making and flying of paper airplanes.



You’re on your own. Take a reflective walk, inspect the clouds, trees, horizon, stroll the boardwalk, later on enjoy the moon and stars, give your doggie a tummy rub, recite the Quiet Festival Lament to anyone who will listen: I do not hear your song/ I do not hear your words/ I never watch the moon/ Or listen to the birds/ I’m lost in all the noise/ That saturates my space/ I’m weary of the clatter/ Find me a quiet place ...

— News release from Mark Soifer, Ocean City Public Relations

sara November 08, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Yeah Mr. Soifer...This nonsense is going to get the city up and running again. Time for you to make your exit as the PR person for OC.
Douglas Bergen (Editor) November 08, 2012 at 07:30 PM
Mark Soifer asked me to post the following in reply: "I have been working with OCNJCARE, have arranged a press conference for them and have donated money to the restoration and will continue to work until the job is done. As a father of four and a grandfather of eight, I believe it's important for children and families to have as much fun and mental relief as possible during these trying times."
BarbK November 08, 2012 at 08:16 PM
I agree with Mr. Soifer. Isn't having the annual fun events re-scheduled part of getting Ocean CIty up and running again?
holly buck November 08, 2012 at 08:38 PM
i have to agree- as silly as it seems- we can't just sit around and dwelling on how bad things are. we are all very hard at work trying to put our lives back together and helping others do the same. we have to regain some form of normalcy in our lives and in our community.
sara November 09, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Since I got back into town after the evacuation was lifted, I HAVE been helping residents living in small cottages behind my home (I live in a condo that sustained minimal damage) take entire contents out of their homes, swept debris and have helped in any way I can. Some of my neighbors are elderly and some have young families and are devastated with the shape their homes are in. Believe me when I tell you the last thing on their minds are the idiotic activities that are mentioned above. Snore at the Shore??? These people haven't had a good night's sleep for days. How can you even mention such a thing? Make paper airplanes, be lulled into serenity by some yawn along idiocy? Do you not get it? This is just lunacy in general, but at a time like this it is a disgrace. You, Mr. Soifer have been living in a past century.
The Chosen One November 10, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Wow ... you're a mean one Sara Grinch. Yeah, it's true this stuff is silly & idiotic --- even when there isn't any calamities going on. But it seems to me a little silly is exactly what some young'uns need as relief from the stress of the past few weeks. There are many ways people can contribute to help their community. Making kids smile is one such way. Sometimes it's important to focus on a little joy even in the midst of sadness, else wise we're doomed to a bleak and hopeless future. I don't always "get" the activities Mr Soifer plans, but I know as a single adult I may not be his target audience. Kids seem to have fun, and that's a pretty special thing. Keep in mind, nobody has to participate that feels these activities are "idiotic". But there are some who do want to have some mindless fun. Kudos to Mark Soifer for remembering to keep the kids in mind.
Mr. B November 10, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I would expect the turnout to be one of the largest in years. this is exactly what this City needs right now, Life goes on, we must not give up. Our children especially need to feel the sense of security in knowing that they can be "children" again. Sara, just don't go, simple as that. and I'm sure glad not to be one of your great grandchildren.
sara November 10, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Mr. Soifer has made our town the laughing stock of so many other towns with his nonsense, it is just out of control. How about the old'uns, Mr. Chosen One.? ...store owners who work twelve hour days and are lucky if they make a sale or two. I will wait to see what he has planned when our devastated downtown comes back to some sense of normalcy and every merchant needs MEANINGFUL events which will draw in people to get the town back on track. Oh wait...the DooDah parade...yes that will do it. Hordes of people coming into town to watch another display of craziness, not even knowing they are standing in front of a store they could be patronizing. Parade is done...the town clears out in five minutes to head up to the boardwalk. He does not know how to market Ocean City. Say all you want, criticize me any way you wish...I'm immune. I was merchant downtown for many years, seeing the lack of understanding of what has to be done down there to make it viable and believe me, if new PR blood is not brought in, people will be driving over that multimillion dollar bridge into a ghost town. I got out but I still feel for my fellow merchants. Unless you witnessed his bias firsthand promoting the boardwalk and the Night in Venice Drunk Fest, then you don't know what you're talking about.
Eleanor November 10, 2012 at 09:31 PM
I mostly agree with Sara. Especially at this time, any events should factor in the downtown merchants who were hit very hard at at time when they are gearing up for their biggest sale opportunity in the off season, the Christmas shopping season. I have always thought that activities like quiet festivals are dated and pointless and agree that some fresh PR out of the box thinking is needed in Ocean City. Its not a matter of whether or not we need activity to get families back to normal, its thinking of some way to create events that help to support our businesses and get them back to normal. Instead of 'mindless fun' can we come up with some kind of fun that is mindful of the merchants who are in a bad situation? Look how much businesses like Sea Oats, Wards, Rauhausers, Bennies have been a part of this town for so long.
sara November 10, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Well said Eleanor...
jill November 11, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Gee, Eleanor. I thought you were out to sea a this point in time. Didn't you stay in OC during the storm then expect people to risk their own lives and come and dig you out? Eleanor, so sorry. Hoped you were on the shores of China by now. Too bad, here you are ready and willing to scorn the world again. Since you are about the most UNFUN person that ever lived, how do you expect to come up with fun things?
Bill McDonnell November 11, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Damn you are a mean one sara .... have looked at your post and you have nothing good to say ..... so glad you left this little nasty place to live ..... to go where??? Guess your ur business model just sucked ... or maybe people did not like your atatude
sara November 11, 2012 at 05:05 AM
Clearly you Mr. McDonnell have not read my post thoroughly or since your spelling leaves much to be desired you did read it but did not comprehend it. The merchants whom I worked alongside of for 15 years who have two, maybe three months to make it in are not able to do so anymore and not because my or their "business models sucked". It is because the majority of year round residents were given an offer they could not refuse years ago and sold their single family homes and moved offshore. Those residents were needed for the downtown to survive.Those homes were replaced by mega duplexes that are inhabited two months out of the year. Sorry to disappoint you but my home is in OC, but my store is offshore where it is thriving...where there is a PR director actually working to constantly bring in new ideas and taking care of his downtown and he's not doing it with quiet festivals and french fry sculpting contests and seeing which child can bang pots and pans the loudest. How's that for "ATATUDE"...
Eleanor November 11, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Thank you so much Jill for your kind concern about my health and welfare. No, I dont expect anything more from people than to do the job they signed on for, whatever the job is. If you did hope that i was 'on the shores of China', i am sorry if you experience any disappointment. As to knowing what kind of person i am, i dont believe we have ever met - i am sure i would remember someone who speaks like you do - so i dont think you are the best judge. But thanks again for your kind concern.
Eleanor November 11, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Again i agree with Saras point. It is not unrealistic to hope that in a town where the merchants have such a short window of opportunity to earn money that the merchants association and the citys PR department try to come up with some events that work hand in hand - events that will draw people not just from in town but from offshore, and where the event has a spillover effect onto the merchants. If you take a walk or ride downtown and get a good look at how badly so many merchants were set back by the storm, i would think that supporting them would be a priority. Some active support now when they need it may mean the difference between a reopening or a going-out-of-business sign a few months from now.
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