Ocean City Quiet Festival Contest Winners

Quiet pets and snoring people were named winners.

Nella, a Peruvian guinea pig, won best of show at the Quiet Festival's Quiet Pet Contest held on Saturday at the Ocean City Community Center.

Nella's best friend is Danielle Clark of HALT RESCUE in North Jersey. HALT Rescue is an organization that that provides information on how to care for and adopt white mice, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Winners in the following categories are all from the Ocean City area:

Fastest in Lettuce-Eating Contest

  1. Pusho, best friend Alex Antono
  2. Diego, Lily Neiderer
  3. Cutie, Brenda Terne.

Best Costume

  1. Henry in the Shower, Alma and Eliza Jansen
  2. Pepper, Kristen Weber
  3. Rusty, Samantha Straub

Unusual Sleeping Position

  1. Nella, Danielle Clark
  2. Roo, Eileen Durante
  3. Big Boy, Fionna Janson

Lack of Energy

  1. Ella, Sara Durante
  2. Bella, Mary Eileen Durante
  3. Jasmine, Mary Eileen Durante

All above winners were guinea pigs.

The first annual champion in the Snore at the Shore Contest was Kathy Frame, snuggling her children and snoring gently.

Those who attended the event checked out the quiet pets and were entertained by the Turtle Singers, Doug Jewell of Air Circus who juggled, demonstrated yo-yo techniques, flew balsa airplanes and sported a pirate suit. He also gave children free yo-yos, airplanes and other novelty items.

Jerry Lukas drew free cartoons for visitors of their favorite animals. As the children entered, they were given trick-or-treats.

— Mark Soifer, Ocean City Public Relations


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