Its YOUR Town Too - Next Community Meeting Coming up

The next community meeting is this Sunday, 2/16, 2:00PM at Starbucks in Ocean City.

I already miss the days when I could speak for myself.  Somehow what I ‘m saying doesn’t translate well when others speak for me.  So for the record let me state once again that these are community meetings and not political meetings.  The purpose of these meetings is to provide a forum for citizen input and involvement.  It’s important, I think, to know what matters to the people of this community.  And if I do run that is who I’ll represent.  But I’m not a candidate yet.  I’m still acting as a community activist.

I’ve been told that it’s better to hold community meetings than to blog on social media.  I obviously believe in the importance of holding these community meetings which is why I set them up.  But I also see the value of social media.  It too provides a forum for community discussion.   So I’ve been posting feedback to those meeting on social media (specifically Patch.)  As a result I’ve been contacted by second home owners in addition to residents of this town that are still in Florida.  And I’m also receiving input from people who, for one reason or another, can’t make it to those meetings.  I’m including their comments in my reports as well.  So I see the value in doing both.   I believe we all should have a voice.  To those of you who can’t make the meetings you can add your two cents by posting to those reports, or you can reach me directly via email ESauder@verizon.net.  I’d love to hear from you.  Write ups on those meetings (two so far) are posted to my blog Counter Point on Patch.

Some of you might feel your concerns are being ignored because they aren’t being discussed.  Invariably the conversation turns to development.  I think that’s because there’s such a vested interest in it.  I’m the only person who’s willing to take on development and as a result I’ve become a target of those interests.  Don’t you wonder why candidates never go near it?  So I agree with what a lot of you are saying.  The issues you’re bringing forward are just as important.  They’re just not being addressed.  We need a government that will represent the people of this town, and what is important to this community.

If you’re new to this and want to know specifically what these meetings are about, read on.  I hope to see you at the next community meeting.

We all have our pet peeves with Ocean City.  And we all have ideas as to what we can do to improve.  I have my ideas and I’ve been putting them out there on Patch for years.  I want to know what you think too.  We have an opportunity as a community to define some of the issues in the upcoming elections.  Wouldn’t you like this election to be about the issues that are important to you?

What I propose is a series of informal community meetings at various locations throughout town.  For the month of February let’s meet at the new Starbucks in Ocean City on Sunday afternoons.  I’ll be there from 2:00 to 3:00 PM to take notes and to report back to Patch on the outcome of those meetings.  If we overwhelm the place we’ll come up with another venue.  And that invitation extends to second home owners too.  You have as much of an investment in this town as the rest of us.

When was the last time anyone asked you what matters to you?  I’m asking.  Let’s move this town forward.  We can implement positive change if we demand it.  It’s the citizen of this town that lack a voice and a choice.  Exercise yours.


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Frank February 14, 2014 at 01:01 AM
Eric - You can't get rid of us that easy!
Frank February 14, 2014 at 01:02 AM
NO Eric - YOU need to get a life!!!
Frank February 14, 2014 at 01:04 AM
I guess micro managing the government isn't enough now you are trying to micro manage our lives.
Jimmy Slade February 15, 2014 at 07:54 AM
You are presumptuous, incredibly naive, and worst of all ignorantly arrogant. Good luck running though
Eric Sauder February 15, 2014 at 09:00 AM
I don't think I'm any of those things. I'm someone who see things for what they are and wants to try to change this town for the better. I know full well what I'm up against. Really its up to the people of this town; the average citizen. If anyone is arrogant it' the people in our government that show so much contempt and indifference towards them.
Eric Sauder February 15, 2014 at 09:23 AM
In a town where the truth is harder to come by than a loaf of bread the day before a blizzard I've done my best to inform the public as to what the truth is. I personally find it offensive that our government can't be more open and honest with the people. Where this government's interests lie I think must be self-evident. "Ye shall know them by their fruit." Just about only thing this government DID was to create business opportunities for its sponsors. I'm saying its high time there's a change of priorities. Its time to do the people's business.
Eric Sauder February 15, 2014 at 09:31 AM
What I'm finding, as a result of holding these meetings, is that the people of this town want government to act on their behalf, and on behalf of this community. They want their voice to be heard and want their issues to be addressed.
Eric Sauder February 15, 2014 at 09:44 AM
I also know that every attempt will be made by people who post anonymously on this site to bury me, so I'm going to curtail my activity. I have other things I need to focus on now.
Beachy Keen February 15, 2014 at 11:04 AM
Those who want to bury you are most likely those with the most to lose when changes inevitably must come. As local and 2nd homeowners become educated about what goes on here combined with the fantasy land of excess spending it's just a matter of time. Keep educating us and remember our tax money is as green as everyone else's
Frank February 15, 2014 at 01:55 PM
Eric - you always deflect anyone who is against you. This behavior is typical of a politician. How is Bob anonymous? His name is Bob and yours is Eric. Whats the difference? The difference is he summed you up perfectly and your only reply is that you have other things to focus on now. First - you do not know the meaning of the word focus. Second - you better be working on getting your own house in order.
Frank February 15, 2014 at 01:56 PM
Eric - I guess its time to delete and re post again. There are too many comments against you.
Jimmy Slade February 15, 2014 at 06:10 PM
Yea Frank, you said it. There goes Eric again hiding under his rock. How will he expect to deal with the public, face to face, when there is no rock?
Jimmy Slade February 15, 2014 at 06:15 PM
" One does not know what one does not know yet some cling desperately to the fabricated facts of their reality and hence forth allowed it to manifest into a false truth. Armed with Delusion they infest the world with their fantasies, growing bold by boasting their "knowledge" to the world and thus in their reality they become supreme. We see their arrogance as superiority and thus, like sheep, we fallow them into demise. How proudly we beat down the spirit of others so that we, ourselves, may "rise above" them and once again feed our arrogance until it is bloated with lies."
Frank February 15, 2014 at 06:20 PM
Jimmy - I have no idea. All I have to say he better have his ducks in a row before he officially becomes a candidate. You know the saying "when you play with fire you get burned". Unfortunately I think he is about to learn some harsh lessons. I intend for my comments to be realistic and factual not threatening.
Frank February 15, 2014 at 06:30 PM
Jimmy I am afraid your comment is far to much depth and meaning for Eric...
Frank February 15, 2014 at 06:30 PM
We better stop or he will delete our comments again...haha
Eric Sauder February 16, 2014 at 01:29 AM
To the second home owners I've been contacted by quite a few of you. I could act as a conduit and put you in touch with each other by creating an email distribution list. What do you think?
Big c February 16, 2014 at 05:19 AM
Eric, seems like you have hit a nerve with your Community meetings.keep it up, these people in charge need to be held accountable. They don't like the fact that tax payers are being informed how there money is being stolen.
Beachy Keen February 16, 2014 at 08:19 AM
Eric the email list is a great idea. I will gather the emails of all 2nd homeowners who want to be informed and updated. Please continue to inform us and hopefully by spring when 2nd HO are down more they will attend. Big C. You hit the nail right on the head. Those most opposed are the ones with the most to lose.
Beachy Keen February 16, 2014 at 08:22 AM
@frank. I don't know why your comments are so hostile and rude. The blog is simply a discussion board open to all opinions. One has to wonder why you take such offense at Eric sharing information. You are making yourself look really bad but maybe you are one of the ones who has a lot to lose when change becomes inevitable
Eric Sauder February 16, 2014 at 10:22 AM
Alright I hear that 80% of property owners are second home owners so its going to be a fulltime job acting as a conduit and I really need to be focusing on getting petitions signed. So here's what I propose. One of you start a blog for second home owners and include your email address and become a collection point. I'll forward the email addresses I have to whomever takes that task on. Really its incredibly easy to do. You need to get organized. There's strength in numbers.
Frank February 16, 2014 at 02:58 PM
The exercises in futility continue.........
Eric Sauder February 18, 2014 at 10:19 AM
I'm running behind with everything now and will try to do a write up of the last community meeting tonight. I've been out an about in our neighborhoods talking to people and the response has been incredible. Thanks for the support.
Frank February 18, 2014 at 10:59 AM
Stirring the pot is a full time job!
Eric Sauder February 18, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Come on second homeowners. No one person can make this government responsive to your interests. You're going to have to demand it. The truth be told the people that benefit from the ways things are now don't want change. Get organized. Exert yourself. You can make a difference if you ACT.
Eric Sauder February 18, 2014 at 11:56 AM
If you can't vote you can bring pressure to bear on those who do.
Frank February 18, 2014 at 12:50 PM
Grasping at straws are we?
Beachy Keen February 18, 2014 at 01:33 PM
Eric, keep up the good work. Can't wait to attend the meetings. Can't wait to have the email connection with other 2nd homeowners. Keep stirring the pot and keep us updated. @Frank, again you sound disgruntled and angry. Why don't you try and become part of the change and maybe you might feel better. I have seen it written here that your are an "insider" well the bigger they are the harder they fall. Whether you like it or not, change will come, this is the pinprick of the beginning of new and better things. A city government that will do what's right for the community and the ALL taxpaying citizens.
Beachy Keen February 18, 2014 at 01:35 PM
Eric, can you update us on what type of petitions you would like to get signed--if you already stated, I must have missed it. I'm hoping that 2nd homeowners can sign, as well as locals and anybody else. Thanks.
Jimmy Slade February 18, 2014 at 02:05 PM
Blind leading the blind is how us "insiders" view things posted by Eric. This is a wonderful country in which you have the rights to assemble and protest the government. But it's your responsibility to follow leaders in these protests that have all the facts. I don't think Frank or anyone else who disagrees with Eric has anything to lose, we are just smart enough to see that Eric does not know all facts. Even worse, he ignorant of the facts but does not choose to acknowledge that FACT. Just something to think about before you ever align yourself with anybody.


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