Vintage Double-Basin Porcelain-Over-Cast-Iron Sink

Vintage Double-Basin Porcelain-Over-Cast-Iron Sink.  Wall hung,with 2 front legs and a separate drain board.

Manufactured by “Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company” in Baltimore, MD, prior to 1929.This sink was an original fixture in our house, which was built in 1928. 

Here’s additional proof of the age of this sink, and some fun trivia.  In 1929 the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company merged with American Radiator Company, forming the “American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation”.  (It became “American Standard" in 1967.)  Since this sink is stamped “Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company” one can conclude it was manufactured before the merger in 1929. 

The sink's dimensions are 42"W X 22"D.The shallow basin (on the right side) reaches a depth of 8 inches, and the deeper basin reaches a depth of 12 inches.  The sink has an 8" back splash and an 8" apron. 

The drain board fits over the right (shallow) side of the sink.  The sink is in good condition with some wear.

Similar sinks can be found online for $1,500.  We are asking $975.

(609) 399-2119, or cell (305) 606-8976
Jeanne Quain April 27, 2014 at 06:00 AM
SOLD 4/26/2014


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