Comcast: 144 Miles of New Infrastructure Since Sandy

Brick office receives more staff as summer influx expected; Ocean City office permanently destroyed, LBI office renovated

Comcast has said it has rebuilt 144 miles worth of cable infrastructure since Superstorm Sandy struck the Shore area and has hired extra staff for coastal area offices as an influx of seasonal customers is anticipated.

Additional customer service employees and 170 extra technicians are to start work May 25, the company said in a statement this week.

Additionally, at the company's offices in Brick, Absecon, Avalon, Northfield, Ocean City and Wildwood, the number of workstations "has been nearly doubled to provide more expedited, one-on-one attention for customers," the company said.

The company's Long Beach Island office in Ship Bottom has been "completely renovated," while its Ocean City office was destroyed and is now operating out of two temporary trailers.

The company also announced that the Shore area would be among the first in the state to receive new services, including the company's new X1 cloud-enabled platform, a home security monitoring system and its Wireless Gateway service for wireless access in homes.

Over the past several weeks, the company has enabled its Ocean County systems to be compatible with the ability to set DVRs through smartphones and for customers to receive caller ID information on their television sets.

Comcast is the cable provider for many of the region's hardest-hit areas, including the portion of Ocean County's northern barrier island from Brick's half of Normandy Beach north to Point Pleasant Beach, and all of Long Beach Island and Brigantine.

The southern half of the northern barrier island, from Toms River's portion of Normandy Beach south to Seaside Park, is served by Cablevision Systems.

Comcast said it has also started a media blitz, advertising its services and urging seasonal customers to reconnect their accounts as the summer season begins.

Customers who have questions or want to reconnect their Comcast services can call a dedicated phone line at 1-800-2SUMMER, the company said.

Marina May 19, 2013 at 05:43 PM
During Sandy I had no service with Comcast....No phone, internet or tv, all down. My son lives 6 blocks from me. He never lost anything with FIOS.
HateComcast May 20, 2013 at 12:13 PM
All they do is raise rates, can not wait for the day that Fios is available in Point Pleasant. Need to call ever couple of months and threaten to cancel because the rate increased without warning. Bill is never correct. This explains why they tried increasing the rates. So many Point homes with there cable service on hold since there house was flooded and they needed to do all this work so how else are they going to pay for it.
lifelonginbrick May 20, 2013 at 03:49 PM
I see a lot of people complaining about Comcast but let me relate a story as to why I am a Comcast customer. About 10 years ago when my hubby's MS go so bad he has to stop working it was a VERY scary stressful time. Our household income basically got slashed in half so the little "extras" had to go. I called Comcast to cancel my cable except for basic service and I got a manager on the phone who asked me why, I related my reason and he said his mother in law had just recently died from MS and he knew what I was going through. He then proceeded to set my total bill for phone, internet & cable (plus extras cable channels) for 50$/month for the next year. It blew me away and was very unexpected and was also one of the nicest things I think any company has ever down for me. It gave me some breathing room with my bills and now that things have settled down and my finances have improved to the point where I can afford some little extras I will stay loyal to Comcast. I will always be grateful to that manager who made a horrible time be a little less horrible.
A Resident May 20, 2013 at 04:38 PM
lifelonginbrick, sorry for the situation you are in. Comcast charging you $50 for what it charges all the rest of us twice that is nice...but Comcast is simply having us pay your share. Comcast is over priced and simply unreliable.
lifelonginbrick May 20, 2013 at 05:11 PM
@A Resident. It was a long time ago (8-9 years ago) and only for a year. I don't think anyone else was "paying my share" rather I think Comcast operates on a high margin and there is room to haggle. I havn't had many service issues with them over the years. One thing I have learned with Comcast (or I guess any cable company) is if you have to "trim down" because your bill it too high it's best to talk to the dept that specializes in canceling or stopping service rather than just general customer service. The "cancel service" dept is trained to use specials to offer you a deal that is lower than what you are paying often with even more services. The other new kids on the block will jack up their rates over time you can count on that and they will all be pretty much the same. Like I said I experienced a very generous kind person at Comcast, it's why they have my business today.


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