Bay Avenue Businesses Take a Hit During County Construction Project

Businesses between Ninth and 15th streets have seen a downturn due to a county repaving and reconstruction project.

A $3.3 million project to repave Bay Avenue and improve drainage between Sixth and 18th streets is causing problems for business owners in the area, who remain open but have reported declining business.

The issue was first reported to city council last week, and the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce began a campaign to make residents and visitors aware that businesses are open.

“It’s a colossal project funded by the county, but businesses from Ninth to 15th have expressed a downturn in business,” City Council President Anthony Wilson said during Thursday night's council meeting at city hall. “We had a brief meeting (on Wednesday) and we came up with ways to improve the project. We’re getting close to the end, and we want to help businesses along the way.”

The project is being conducted by Asphalt Paving Systems of Hammonton. The goal is to reconstruct gutters, sidewalks, storm pipes and drains and repave the road, according to ocnjdaily.com.

“We all have our favorite places we go to, but these businesses have been experiencing a downturn, so if you have the opportunity and you’re in the area, go to one of these businesses,” Councilman Keith Hartzell said. “They’ve had a tremendous loss and whether you go there could make a difference in whether they succeed or fail.”


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