Popcorn Park's Princess Clinches Another 'W' with Ravens' Win

Prognosticating camel improves Super Bowl record to 8-1.

Princess the camel from Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey Township in Ocean County scored another ‘W’ when the Ravens clinched Super Bowl XLVII.

Although it was a close call as the 49ers made a comeback in the fourth quarter, the odds were in favor of Princess’ prediction with the Ravens winning 34-31.

Popcorn Park celebrated the victory with an update on its Facebook page: “Ravens win!!! Princess picking another Super Bowl winner… Priceless!”

Each year, Princess predicts the winner of NFL games, including the Super Bowl.

Princess makes her decisions based on graham crackers. Each week, General Manager John Bergmann writes the names of two teams competing and holds a graham cracker, Princess’ favorite snack, in each hand. Princess then chooses to eat the treat from the hand with the name of her favorite team written on it.

Her reward if she’s spot on? Extra graham crackers.

For this year’s Super Bowl, Princess was hesitant but ultimately chose the Ravens, Bergamann said.

After last night’s win, Princess improved her record to 12-6 on the season, 101-57 since she began prognosticating in 2006 and 8-1 for Super Bowls.

Princess arrived at Popcorn Park after her owner passed away and a caretaker retired to another state. The Associated Humane Societies brought her to Popcorn Park and it has been her home ever since.

Popcorn Park Zoo was established in 1977 and provides a refuge for wildlife, exotic and domestic animals that are sick, elderly, abandoned, abused, or injured. The zoo houses more than 200 animals and birds.

Peeches February 05, 2013 at 10:37 PM
Have to get up to Ocean County to see Princess. She looks like a beauty. She is beating Sr. Marita Louise's record on the Super Bowl picks. Sister can be heard making picks for Monday night's game on WIBG every Monday Morning. Sister did pick Flacco's boys, though.
Maryann Campling February 05, 2013 at 10:42 PM
Peeches....and everyone....make the trip to Pop Corn Park, it is a great place and a fun day trip. I've sponsored animals there for years....they do wonderful work on a tight budget!
Peeches February 05, 2013 at 10:46 PM
It's a deal. See you and Princess this spring. Thanks, animals are the best!


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